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We're Chef Organic, an organic-only catering company. We've pledged to our clients that we cook only organic and wild produce, proteins and products and clean up with eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaners. 

Whether you're thinking about hosting a formal dinner party for 12, a buffet supper for 50, or yummy family meals done and ready for you- we'll handle it all from the first phone call to chat about your event to leaving your kitchen as clean as we found it. 

Along with providing delicious meals, food safety and the health of our clients is our primary concern. With 25 years of experience, Marni and her team work with only the best, most reputable farmers and vendors. In your home, we clean and sanitize as we go.


Organic food is the healthiest food for you and your family, simply because it's grown without toxic chemicals and pesticides. Organic food is also more nutrient dense.  We don't buy anything processed or preprepared either; giving us complete control over the quality of the food we serve. 

We can also provision your pantry and fridge before your arrival with organic produce, pasture-raised proteins and wild fish- and leave you with the next day's food, already prepared to get you started so your first few days with family and friends are a breeze. 

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