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Roast chicken, extra salmon, grilled veggies, a piece of steak…how many times do you end up with leftover food and you’re stuck microwaving it, or worse- throwing it out?

How about planning for leftovers, so you’re making more than one meal at a time?

I always make double the amount of what I need to serve, just so I can have a few extra meals with little effort.

For instance, with extra steak you can make: fajitas, steak salad with red and yellow peppers, avocado, red onion, arugula and romaine, throw it into a stir fry after veggies are cooked.

With leftover salmon and cod, try salmon or cod cakes(just add scallion, capers, diced red pepper, leftover potatoes, lemon, dill and a touch of mayo or a beaten egg. Roll in Panko crumbs and press into a four inch round cutter before baking in hot oven.

How about salmon salad for an elegant lunch, tuna salad for a casual barbecue, salmon crepes for a dinner entree, tuna salad wraps for lunch.

Here’s an easy salmon salad recipe: Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and gently fold together.

4 oz piece cooked, chilled leftover or poached wild sockeye or king salmon

½ scallion, chopped fine

¼ c. chopped, seeded cucumber(or ¼ of a cucumber)

1 T. sliced almonds

2 T. Greek yogurt(preferably full fat, organic)

few sprinkles dill(or 2 springs fresh dill)

salt and pepper to taste

2 lemon wedges(for juice)

I once made seven meals for two utilizing every bit of a roast chicken, just to see how far I could stretch a five pound bird. Here they are:

  • Slices from one breast, off the bone with pan juices

  • curried chicken salad, from breast and thigh

  • chicken and spinach quesadillas(thigh and leg)

  • black bean and chicken enchiladas(breast and leg)

  • spicy chicken wing snack

  • chicken stock- made enough for one gallon of broth plus leftover for the soup below

  • vegetable soup made from the chicken stock vegetables, broth, herbs and blended

For more complete five minute meals with recipes, check out www.fiveminutemeals.net

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